Jazwares Angry Birds Toys and Collectables

After much excitement my three were super excited to see the release of Angry Birds the Movie 2 and be reunited with all their favourite birds on screen Red, Chuck, Bomb and many more. Feuding with the green pigs the angry birds are forced to join forces when a fret against both islands emerge!

The action continued at home thanks to the amazing toys we received from Jazwares. No longer just a mobile app, Angry Birds has been brought alive in our home in a world of excitement.

Available from SMYTHS, the Entertainer and Tesco the toys were greatly received and the children weren’t long setting up their own games with the Angry Birds Game Pack. Featuring Red, Bomb, Chuck, King and Blue Bird the children loved reenacting scenes from the film as well as pressing the button underneath to watch them turn Angry! The children loved these fun colourful toys and their imaginations ran wild for hours playing with their new friends!

The game pack also came with a downloadable app from Jazwares, “Angry Birds Explore” which the children downloaded onto their Amazon Fires to watch their toys come alive and blast into adventure on their screens. By scanning the game card in each pack the birds were brought to life and the fun continued!

The plush, cuddly Red toy was welcomed especially by The Boss Baby who spent much time cuddling his new friend and pressing the button on his wing to hear him laugh and regale him with his favourite grumbles and complaints! The interactive symbols on the back indicate that this toy could also be used in the virtual slingshot adventure featured on Jazwares app.

The children were delighted to have their own Angry Birds Splat Ball and have Bomb as their one in the packet. With 4 to collect the children were already asking for the other 3 and had great fun throwing Bomb against the walls and watching him stick! Bomb also came with a game card which can be scanned to allow access to Jazwares Angry Birds Explore App.

The Angry Birds toys have been a great hit at our home and stimulated the children’s imaginations. Lots more fun to be had with their favourite feathered angry friends!



This was a gifted post.


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