Love by the Londoner

It’s Valentine’s week! Wait! Don’t close this down straight away. I know the majority of people seem to feel Valentines day is overrated and too commercialised which is I agree with. However, ultimately, what is not to like about a day which is for spreading love, especially with the amount of negativity and hatred seeping through our screens on social media.

I recognise that some people may feel alone and hurt on Valentine’s day especially after a bad break up or the loss of a partner. Alas I feel a positive spin on Valentine’s day and love is needed. Love for our friends, community, ourselves and the world in general.

Over the next week leading up to my my own wedding anniversary on the 20th February I intend to fuel you with the tools to love something this week. Even if it is to love my blog and effort of trying!

Last week I posted a blog entitled “The Most Overrated Valentine’s Gestures”which focuses on the cliche approaches towards romance. I had great fun speaking to BBC Radio Cambridgeshire’s Spanners about this post. You can listen to it again here on the link below (approximately 1:20 mins in)

I would love your comments on my series. Sending you lots of sickly sweet love!

The Cockney in the Countryside