AD – Blume Baby Pops and Blume Dolls

An exciting treat arrived for the children today in the form of our package from Blume Dolls. The dolls are brand new to the UK and the children were so happy to be playing with them today.

The packaging was bright and vibrant full of exciting ideas on the front of what may lay inside the plant pot type toys. The theme of the toys are flowers and plants and each Blume Baby and Blume Dollcame inside a little flower pot.

We first opened theBlume Flowerpot Girls which came in a pretty pot and once we opened the packaging we see a lidded top. The instructions were to take the little watering can which was included and sprinkle the papery lid with the water. I figured this would take forever considering the size of the pink watering can but in just a few squirts the Blume Doll erupted from her pot which the children loved! Along with the packaging was an identification leaflet showing all of the other Blume Dolls available to collect. The children quickly identified theirs as Kimberly with her foamy, soft blue hair. Next we removed the inner case of the pot and was able to open up the plant pot case to find her accessories inside including a full outfit along with Doc Martin style boots, a handbag and a magical miniature friend (we received twinkle.)

Next we moved onto theBlume Baby Pops. In their planter style casing we could see 5 stems protuding from the planter. Each child plucked the stem, heard the satisfying pop of the Baby pop and inside the little pod was a Blume Baby along with a cuddly outfit. The Blume Baby Pops come with a guarantee of three Baby Pops however some packages come with an extra one or two. We were luckily enough to have an extra one in ours and the final pod contained some great accessories for our babies such as an extra snuggle blanket and some sun glasses.

If the Baby Pops weren’t enough excitement yet again the inside of the pot/planter held even more fantastic accessories. The inside part which could be removed then transformed into the Baby Pop nursery with a Baby Pop bath, bed and play equipment including a pool and slide. The children had so much fun playing with their new Baby Pop toys and exploring their new accessories. As an added touch of magic the toys also had a special “gender reveal” element whereby when they went into water the diaper would either change to blue or pink!

Along with the toys the amazing people at Blume Dolls sent us some soil and seeds to fill our now empty planters with to create our own garden for our Baby Pops. This was a lovely idea and the children got to work planting and setting the seeds and decorating the pots with our Baby Pop stickers.

The children have had so much fun out in the garden today with their new baby pops creating adventures and tales for them in the flowers and grass and role playing different scenarios.

You can find Blume Baby Pops and the Blume Dolls atinstagram at @BlumeDolls and find out more about them. You can also buy them from Smyths, Very and Amazon.

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