Blippi UK Toy Launch – Review

The world is fast changing and the average children’s TV programme and channels such as CBeebies, although still popular, have some competition. Birthdays and Christmases have been hard to cater for when my youngest’s favourite thing to watch became You Tube star Blippi’s channel. With his catchy songs and colourful educational videos he quickly became a firm favourite in our house a couple of years ago. However finding any merchandise to buy my youngest has proved extremely difficult up until now.

This week saw the launch of Blippi Toys to the UK. We were so excited to receive our specially dressed Blippi box in the Blippi signature oranges and blues!

Inside, there was even more excitement as Boss Baby began discovering what lay inside. My Buddy Blippi was instantly pulled from the box. The Blippi doll came in full Blippi attire with a soft body which repeated 15 popular Blippi phrases and sounds when you squeeze it’s tummy. It has not left the Boss Baby’s side since we received our gift and I was shocked by the amount of parents stopping and asking me where I purchased the toy from, as their child too was a Blippi fan.

The Blippi vehicles were also great fun with four different varieties available. The box also included 3 Ball Pit Blind Boxes which featured collectable Blippi figures all dressed as different themes such as a  milkman, pizza maker and farmer.

Boss Baby enjoyed seeing the similarities and links of the toys to his favourite you tube channel. The Box 10 Suprise Boxes were much like miniature versions of his popular videos where he picks up coloured boxes and discovers the contents. Each coloured box contained it’s own Blippi accessory which were both educational and fun.

The box also contained a Blippi dress up outfit complete with hat, glasses, bow tie and orange suspenders. It didn’t take too long for Boss Baby to be fully dressed as his favourite YouTube star!

Blippi Toys from Jazwares have now been released in the UK. You can purchase your very own Blippi Toys at Smyths Toys, Argos, Entertainer, Amazon and Asda.

This was a gifted promotion.

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