Toy Review – Bandai Bananas Series 3

We received a lovely treat today when a package arrived with a rather posh looking hamper from the Bananas Collectibles range from Bandai Toys. The toys are all themed around pieces of fruit therefore the hamper was full of fresh fruit and packaged beautifully. The children loved delving into the hamper and finding the hidden fruit underneath and most excitingly the toys! The whole hamper smelt delicious and we soon found the toys were fruit scented which the children loved.

The children were eager to open the 3 Bananas Assortment Bunch we received. The children loved the fact that to open and find the “Crushie” and other toys inside they had to peel the toy Banana as they would peel a real Banana. Inside each Banana was a Crushie which they could identify against the identification guide, gemstone stickers for decorating either the Banana or the Crushie, hanging vine for the Crushie, character sticker and two mini squeezable friends. The children loved identifying their Crushie and were extra excited when they realised they had found one of the “rare” Crushies.

The children thoroughly enjoyed opening their Bananas and also liked the fact that all of the pieces could then be resealed back inside the Banana to keep them safe and to act as a little home of all the accessories that came inside. As a parent this was also something I found “a-peeling” (couldn’t resist) due to the fact that usually when the children have these types of toys the pieces are lost within minutes, never to be found again in the abyss of my home. Having a resealable container such as the Banana has meant after they played with them today, they have been safely tidied away!

Our hamper also included the Bananas Strawberries Surprise brand new range which the children equally enjoyed by opening and finding the collectables inside the scented fruit. Similar to the Banana the toy contained a Crushie to collect and identify, gemstone stickers, hanging vine, character stickers and two mini friends. The Bananas Lemon and Lime collectables, like the strawberries, are sold as a pack of two and the Lemon and Limes as well as smelling amazing were also great fun to peel. The children had to pull the top stork part off to then peel the sides of the lemon and lime and find the toys inside. Once again the fruit was resealable and the contents could be safely stored away back inside for another day of games.

These toys are definitely something I would buy again myself for my own children and friends of a similar age (4 to 10) I can honestly say my children have had so much fun playing with Bandai’s Banana Collectables range today and I watched as their imaginations ran away with them as they played with their new characters. The Bananas Collectablesare being sold in Smyths and all other toy stores in the UK. They are retailing at £9.99 for the Bananas and from £4.99 for the brand new range Strawberries Surprise and Lemon and Limes Two Pack. Links below are to the toys featured at Smyths Toys. Full unboxing videos can be found on my Instagram pages.

This was a gifted promotion.

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