Rainbocorns Big Bow Surprise

Once again the children were uncontrollably excited about the arrival of a package from Zuru Toys. This week we received two Rainbocorn eggs. A Rainbocorns Big Bow Surprise which my daughter was very eager to open with its beautiful gold casing and sparkling bow on top and a smaller pink Rainbocorn Sparkle Heart Surprise.
You can see live action of the unwrapping over at my Instagram and Facebook accounts from today, October 11th, which was the #worldeggday for the hatching Rainbocorns! The Rainbocorns website gave the children a better idea of what the toy was about if the colourful attractive designs weren’t enough! The website features mini Rainbocorn episodes as well as unboxing videos and interactive games to play. My daughter has enjoyed getting to know the variety of Rainbocorns via the website on her tablet and was desperate to see which character she would be unwrapping today on hatching day.

The Rainbocorn Big Bow Surprise is the biggest Rainbocorn egg available. Containing a large fluffy Rainbocorn my daughter knew from her previous Rainbocorn Sparkle Surprise back in June that the sequinned heart which made up the egg casing could then be attached to the front of the fluffy Rainbocorn. She used the colourful guide to identify her Rainbocorn as “Bowie” which she very happy about being a huge David Bowie fan.

The golden egg contained 6 packets of additional toys and accessories. The first she opened was a beautiful sparkling head band with a gold unicorn horn which she insisted wearing for school. The other packets contained a black and gold star patterned hair bow, two tubes of Rainbocorn glitter pens, a small pot of Rainbocorn glitter, two collectable bracelets, one featuring a Rainbocorn character and some Rainbocorn poop slime. The children thoroughly enjoyed unwrapping and discovering each surpirse packet and there were still three baby Bow-Bowcorns hidden in the bottom of the egg. These also required “hatching” and inside were adorable baby Rainbocorns with accessories.

The Rainbocorn Big Bow Surprise is currently retailing at £39.99 at SMYTHS Toys and would be the perfect gift for any child who loves sparkles, magic and collectable series such as these.

Also included in our packet was A Rainbocorn Sparkle Heart Surprise which would definitely be the perfect stocking filler. With a vibrant pink casing the Sparkle Heart Surprise is much the same as the larger designs and is hatched to reveal a mini fluffie inside with six to collect. We identified ours as Rufus and also found in the egg some Rainbocorn poop and another mini egg called Boo-Boocorns which change colour and transform when dipped into cold water!

We have a had a great day unwrapping and discovering our new Rainbocorn friends and the children are already adding them to their list fo Santa to complete their collection. You can find your own Rainbocorn Big Bow Surprise at SMYTHS and other leading toy stores.

You can discover more about Rainbocorns and all the other fantastic products Zuru Toys have to offer using the following links:

Zuru Toys Website

Zuru Toys Instagram

Zuru Toys Twitter

Zuru Toys Facebook

Zuru Toys YouTube Channel

This was a gifted promotion.


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