Zuru Toys – Rainbocorn Sequin Surpise and Rainbocorn Sparkle Hearts

I am very excited to announce a collaboration with toy company Zuro Toys. My children were ecstatic when two Zuru Rainbocorn eggs arrived via post last week. Today they were finally allowed to unwrap their eggs and see what was inside, as today is the national hatching for the Rainbocorns. After travelling the whole way to Cornwall with us on our family holiday the children couldn’t wait to get unwrapping this morning.You can see live action of the unwrapping over at my Instagram and Facebook accounts.The Rainbocorns website gave the children a better idea of what the toy was about if the colourful attractive designs weren’t enough! The website features mini Rainbocorn episodes as well as unboxing videos and interactive games to play. My daughter has enjoyed getting to know the variety of Rainbocorns via the website on her tablet this last week and was desperate to see which character she would be unwrapping on the hatching day.The children unwrapped the Rainbocorn Series 2 first which was the larger of the eggs, turquoise in colour with a large sequin heart at the centre. The first thing my daughter noted was the colour changing pattern on the sequins which she brushed against with her fingers to reveal a yellow and purple pattern displaying an electric guitar. As a budding guitarist she was especially impressed by this. As they hatched the main egg my son picked up straight away on the wonderful scent of coconut and pineapple which came from the Rainbocorn inside who we then identified as the Llamacorn named Chico from the identification booklet. The soft, fluffy Llamacorn was an instant winner with my daughter with its rainbow coloured unicorn mane, colourful design and magical wings on the back. My son was also interested in the smaller eggs that were fixed inside with a smaller Rainbocorn figurine along with the Rainbocorns poop and stickers!As well as the Rainbocorn Series 2 they also had the brand new Rainbocorns Sparkle Heart to hatch also. This was a small pink egg which once hatched revealed a soft pink chick Rainbocorn which the children immediately fell in love with and joined their Llamacorn in their morning play before we left for the beach. My daughter also wore her Llamacorn beaded bracelet which was also inside the Rainbocorn Series 2 egg.The children and I have been hugely impressed with the new Rainbocorn range and the website and interactive features have created a real excitement within the children as to what Rainbocorn from the 12 new characters they would find in their eggs. The sequins were a definite top feature for my daughter who loves all things sparkly and sequinned aged 7! The scented feature was something my middle son enjoyed also and kept smelling it throughout the morning.The Rainbocorn Series 2 would make the perfect birthday gift for girls and boys aged 3 plus. Available to purchase at Zuru Toys website, Smyths and Argos the Rainbocorn retails at around £24.99 with the smaller Rainbow Sparkle Hearts at £9.99.The element of surprise is a huge seller for children. They loved the anticipation of what character may be inside the egg and with a rare Golden Flamingocorn advertised on the side they were excited to see which they would unbox. I highly recommend the Zuru Rainbocorns Series 2 and will definitely be purchasing another for my daughter’s upcoming birthday.You can find all social media links for Zuru Toys here:InstagramFacebook PageTwitterSmyths Toys LinkArgos


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