Track Play – The New Track and Train based family event

If there is one type of toy my son would choose above all the others it would be his trains. The last 5 years of my life have perfected my art of track creations and ingrained the names, colours and numbers of Thomas and his harem into my memory for a lifetime. Wooden track, plastic track, bridges, tunnels, train sheds you name it and the train paraphernalia can be found in my home.

Therefore imagine my shock and joy to see an event purely based around train and track! Track Play has arrived in our county. From the moment I see the photos across their social media pages I knew this would be a winner for my little family and so today we headed along to the launch of Track Play in a nearby town where the event was being held in a local sports centre.

As always I made sure to prepare Louie as much as possible in regards to what the event would look like and what to expect. Being autistic he can become very anxious when trying something new, even if it is something we know he is going to love. My elder child aged 6 and the Boss Baby at 2 were just as excited (although the Boss Baby didn’t really have a clue until he arrived)

The photographs on social media do not credit the event enough. It was amazing and I was as excited as my children when I entered. 500 feet of track lay before us on complex tangles and routes and the children were in awe at the sight of it. Racing to the tables by the entrance, which held hundreds of different Thomas characters and numerous other trains and carriages, the children began to choose their motorised vehicle to begin their afternoon journey.

With dinosaurs and other toys arranged around the tracks there were multitudes of adventures and games for the children to imagine and create. Interactive train stations, bridges and tunnels made up the intricate designs, yet leaving ample floor space for the children to spread out and have their own fun. This was especially important to us as Louie does like to play independently at times, especially with trains and he enjoyed having this alone time as well as playing with his siblings and communicating and discussing trains with another autistic boy which was truly heart warming.

Parents were able to sit enjoying the range of refreshments on offer and were greeted warmly by Suzi the lady who organises the Cambridgeshire region. She welcomed each family on arrival and made time to chat to all I noted and was a fantastic host.

The Boss Baby particularly enjoyed the ride on trains and track where other fellow associates his age congregated for their turn, no doubt discussing and plotting world domination through secret babbles and baby talk. He casually rode round the track, controlling it himself with an air of lordship until rejoining his sister for some quality time together.

The event ran for an hour and cost £5 per head. The event can be prebooked but with options to pay on the door although the Saturday session had sold out previously.

Track Play is such a unique, fun event for all ages of children and genders. My daughter embraced the event just as much as the boys and was happy with her flowery carriages she chose and the time to play with other children and younger brother. Louie takes trains extremely seriously and my husband and I often laugh due to his serious manner around all things train. We once waited hours to see the Flying Scotsman pass through our village and he remained deadly serious as it passed before informing me that it was great fun. I knew he enjoyed today and I was incredibly happy that he communicated this to me, after telling me he wants to go again as soon as we left.

I highly recommend Track Play. The organisation and set up of the tracks was mind blowing and I was hugely impressed with the whole event in general. We can’t wait for our next event in August!

You can find all details of Track Play events and their social media links here:

Cambridgeshire Track Play Facebook Group

Track Play Facebook Page

Instagram Page


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