Expectations of Easter for the Parents of 2019

Easter as a child for me entailed fear and concern for Jesus, especially on Easter Saturday as I sat as a small child thinking about the dead, tortured man, who seemed only to be born a couple of months prior at Christmas, now laying cold in a dark cave waiting to rise from the dead. Songs sung throughout school and assemblies about him dying to save us and an unsettling sense of guilt that he was now dead to save me from my sins. Eventually as Easter Sunday came and relief flooded through me that indeed Jesus had made it to be with his dad in heaven I enjoyed an Easter egg with my brother for breakfast after a grueling, lengthy Easter trail set by my parents to ensure they got a good lay in on Easter morning (brilliant move and one I aspire to achieve the time my children are old enough to hunt unsupervised)

Now, as a parent, similar trauma follows me across the Easter period as the looming effigies of the Easter Bunny follow me with their egg-shaped eyes from shop window fronts, copious invites to Easter Fayres, trails and pictures of extravagant “Easter baskets” flood my social media timelines.

Here’s my guide to the Easter egg-spectations (never too old for an egg joke) for the parents of 2019.

Easter Crafts

Unless you are living on a remote, secluded island you will be hard pressed to miss the masses of craft mornings and craft ideas you can carry on creating at home. Easter cards, bonnets, nests, bunnies… you name it.. you can craft it. After successfully ridding your carpet, hair and soul of the miniscule grains of glitter which have been embedded since the Christmas crafts era you now have a whole host of new ingredients to douse your home with. Fluff, feathers and the worst by far that papery, straw like material (usually found inside party poppers) which can be used for all those nest type creations. I’m all for fuelling my children with creativity but as a parent I already struggle with the minute pieces of Lego, Hama beads and barbie accessories that I am constantly clearing to have to add copious amounts of craft paraphernalia to my list. Mrs Hinch I am not. Therefore I have ensured this Easter to let someone else do the cleaning and let my children embrace their inner creative geniuses at one of the many craft mornings organised in the local community.

Easter Baskets/Boxes

Much like the “Christmas Eve” box we now have the Easter basket where parents can pay out for ready made baskets all of course different themed with chocolate, craft activities (yes more crafts) and toys to suit the theme. There are even some themed for us adults which you can buy or create for a loved one! These include “some-bunny to love” theme for your significant other, the make up bag basket and another I spotted “the tool kit basket” for the handy man in your life. When did we move on from the simple egg to these elaborate new Easter traditions?

Easter Trails/Hunts

When I was a child my mum and dad would plan an elaborate Easter hunt for Easter Sunday with clues around our home leading to an egg at the end. My brother and I absolutely loved it and I can’t wait until to my children are a little older to be able to follow a trail themselves. I like Easter hunts, I won’t deny that, but as a parent I have found it impossible to avoid them this Easter. Everywhere I have visited this last week has advertised yet another trail; parks, shops, library.. you name it and there is some sort of trail running, of course with an entry fee. I have unwittingly fell into 2 just by accident when I visited the country park and the library and had the children beg for me to let them take part and then abandon within two minutes of not finding an egg!

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are no new tradition although what is increasingly annoying about Easter eggs is that they are advertised more earlier each year. Clear off the tinsel and there’s your Easter egg on January 2nd’s shelves. I heard a news report about the rise of obesity and the fact that the early advertising of the Easter Egg can be a cause to obesity having them on offer on the shelves from such an early stage of the year. And I fully agree, I have already systematically bought, eaten and replaced my children’s Easter eggs at least 4 times since February and that’s not counting my niece and nephews! What chance did I have giving up chocolate for lent when they were on the shelves before Shrove Tuesday!

I do feel Easter is becoming more commercialised with each passing year and as nice as some ideas are, do we actually need them all? (yes the eggs we need) As parents I feel we are constantly torn between not wanting to become part of these ever increasing trends and necessities and the pull of our children who may ask why she hasn’t got an Easter basket like little Laura from her class has. Ultimately it is our decision as to how we celebrate certain events throughout the year but I would love to hear your thoughts on being a parent in 2019 and the pressures that we may come across. What Easter traditions did your family have? Do you carry them on now?

Whatever your thoughts and beliefs around Easter are, I hope you have a great weekend and Happy Easter!



  1. We did crafty things when I was little (I’m 30) as this continued over from what we did at school. Easter has always meant a lot to me. My parents would buy us a little outfit which we’d wear to mass on Easter Sunday and we’d get a few treats and of course some eggs. Had to have fish (no meat at all) on Good Friday and a big roast dinner with the family after mass on Sunday. Traditions are lovely but I think you’re right it is becoming a bit OTT commercialised now. Easter eggs were in stock in January which is ridiculous!

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  2. We never really did anything specifically ‘Eastery’ when I was a kid apart from getting 1 Easter egg on Sunday morning. The highlight of Easter when I was at primary school though was when one of the teachers brought his GIANT rabbits in to show everyone, I still remember it nearly 20 years later!

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  3. Besides Easter eggs and a delicious Sunday roast we didn’t do much for Easter when we were little. I do have fond memories of going to craft fayres though – we used to have a stall there – and one of the other stall holders taught us to paint a water / lake scene. I’ve helped out at a few Easter egg hunts as an adult though.

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  4. I am expecting to see an Easter egg /bunny hunt organised in your garden with possibly either you or their dad dressed up as either the bunny or chicken .


  5. When I was younger we always made easter cakes (okay rice crispy cakes with some mini eggs), and we always had those tiny chicks to put on different things when crafting. However we also kept finding those chicks till the end of summer and for a child throwing a chick away wasn’t nice. So I would find one, put it down, loose it and find it again a month later. It’s like a never ending battle! But keeping children entertained whilst full of sugar must be hard I’m sure. This post is full of fun ideas for the bank holiday weekend 🙂


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