Things only the Millennial kids will understand…

Recently I have written a few posts regarding life in the 90s such as 90s v Present Day Christmas. I recieved many comments on social media about how the 90s weren’t classed as the “past.” Apparently because we were not born in an era where we bought tapes and cds not records we are not worthy of our own nostalgia yet. However I disagree! It is time we were recognised as the greatest of all generations. The late teenagers and early 20s class us as old and the over 40s class us as babies! Here is my tribute to the Millennial kids. I have complied a list of those memories you will only understand if you were born into the millennial age! (apologies but it is more aimed at the girls!)

Every fortnight you went and bought your copy of Smash Hits Magazine.

You drank strawberry jelly and ice cream Panda Pops but never the blue ones because apparently they could kill you…funnily enough no scientific evidence came to light.

Girl Power arrived in the form of the Spice Girls and you would argue with your friends in the playground as to which you would be in your playground reenactments.

You woke up every Saturday morning to watch SMTV live with Cat Deeley and Ant and Dec.

Mobile phones began to arrive with teenagers asking for the mind blowing Nokia 3210. You spent much deliberation deciding which interchangeable cover you would choose. The battery would last a week, it was impossible to crack the screen and everyone knew someone that had apparently completed Snake and won a million pound. (Yet to actually meet anyone to validate this myth)

Leonardo Di Caprio arrived and sank to the bottom of the ocean leaving teenage girls heartbroken and constantly debating Kate Winslet’s selfishness for not moving over on that wardrobe!!

You purchased your CDs from Woolworths with a sneaky bag of pick n mix.

Eyebrows were plucked to a bare minimum, eyelids were layered with metallic eyeshadow and you constantly prised hair from your ridiculously over glossed mouth.

If you were allowed to highlight your hair, it resembled a zebra crossing, with slashes of bleached blonde layered on to your natural colour.

After school your only form of communication with friends included a telephone box, the house phone or the long awaited arrival of the Internet.

You can remember the distinctive alien sound of the dial up tone and your parents yelling at you to get off “that Internet” because they needed to use the phone. (yes, we couldn’t use the phone and Internet at the same time back in the old days!)

MSN messenger and MySpace began our journeys into social media and you would spend an agonising amount of time choosing the correct song to depict who you were on your MySpace profile. Thankfully I cannot remember what mine was but undoubtedly was something horribly cringe worthy.

Before the Internet you checked football scores and watched your parents book holidays via teletext.

Boys would have worn Ben Sherman shirts that were at least 3 times too big, untucked with hair in perfect McDonald’s “M” style curtains slicked with gel.

At least one boy in your class would have dyed their hair bleach blonde to replicate the ultimate bad boy of the era.. Eminem.

There were no selfies… That’s right no selfies! Instead someone took a digital camera out for the night or prior to the digital camera… A disposable camera which need developing in a shop!

Girls engulfed themselves in the scents of Charlie Red, Exclamation or Versace Red Jeans.

Friends were born and every girl wanted hair like Jennifer Aniston.. I clearly remember asking my hairdresser to style my hair like hers. I never pulled it off, my hair being more like Monica’s in the Barbados episode…. IT’S THE HUMIDITY!

We listened to the charts on TOTP (Top of the Pops) or the radio and it genuinely mattered who was going to be number 1!

You corrupted your family computer with Limewire to make CDs, whilst your parents fretted that the police were going to arrest you for illegal music downloads.

The last generation to write letters and have a random pen pal you met on holiday when you were 8.

You had a Walkman and a Discman and you actually new the bands at the Brit Awards.

If you happened to become stranded you would anxiously reverse the charges at a pay phone to your mum’s house, awaiting the inevitable acceptance of the call and rath of rage over the cost of it.

Ultimately we were the era to see the birth of social media and how it has evolved and changed our lives. Thankfully we just missed it in our teenage years, which to me is a huge relief. I cannot imagine growing up as a teenager with social media and am thankful I didn’t as it means that era of mine and my friends lives was thankfully unevidenced for all eternity!

I would love to hear from anyone that grew up remembering some of the above! You spend your whole life before 20 wanting to be 21 but what a combination of fun, excitement and heartache those teenage years brought! Would you do it all again in this day and age? Would love to know any of your memories! Thanks for reading!



  1. This post just gave me all the nostalgic feels! I’m 34 I grew up I love with any and every boyband. I even liked that band 5ive I was so determined to like move to the u.k just for them..I never made it over there☹️

    But your post made my whole night. I want to go bump some Backstreet Boys and spice girls 🙌🏾 While downloading songs from NAPSTER🤣 oh man the 90’s were good.

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    1. Oh yes completely forgot Napster for when limewire completely crashed and burnt 😂 yeah 5ive were one of my faves you never know their could be a reunion tour you’ll have to get over 😂 thanks for reading glad you enjoyed xx

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  2. I was born in 1982. And yes we are worthy! Why shouldn’t we be? We were born and raised in the greatest years.
    I remember calling people’s voicemail and leaving a message so then it didn’t cost anything!
    I remember badly timing the radio to record songs on cassette by pressing record and play at the same time on my stereo.
    Splitting school blazer pockets to fit my portable CD player.
    The rise and fall of mini disks.
    Walking into a shop and buying a single cigarette.
    I remember when playing out with my friends after school was the best thing ever and all I wanted to do.
    Getting love letters that were wrote only in love song lyrics “I’m gonna miss you forever” (Aaron Carter)
    I absolutely love being an 80’s child and love reminiscing over the past years. NOT the part where we plucked the hell out of our eye brows.. don’t think mine ever fully grew back!

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    1. Haha love this comment so many things I missed. I think eyebrows have definitely been the biggest change 🤣 I don’t know what’s worse the 1 hair brow or the slugs of today 🤣 have a wonderful day thanks so much for your comment xxx

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  4. Yes to all of this! I was born in 1990 and remember the crushing disappointment every play time when I was told yet again that I wasn’t allowed to be baby spice, I had to be sporty spice because I had brown hair! SMTV live made my weekend and I went through a stage of buying those iron on patches for jeans that had rainbows or skull and crossbones on them. Thanks for the nostalgia =)

    Hayley x

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  5. I was born in 1988 and yes all of these every single bloody one! I loved magazine day me and my best friend would walk to the corner shop and buy one each and then swap. I lived for MSN. We had like a 12 foot long cable that went from my computer to the landline for the internet and it was dial up and that alien sound is like nothing else you will ever hear. It was simpler times.

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  6. This is such a trip down memory lane❤️. I religiously bought smash hits!! The scent of choice for me was Body Shop Dewberry- so,so strong. Completely obsessed with Mail order “cosmetics to go,” and Bros. Too many clues to my age here!!

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