Account of my Unorganised Christmas

As I have mentioned in previous posts and if you follow my escapades on my various social media accounts you will know I am an unorganised human. Unorganisation is half allowed when you are an unattached person with no responsibilities but when you become a parent it can present untold stress. Here is an update of my organisation issues this Christmas.

Saving and Buying

This year I was adamant I would be organised. Due to my inability to control my finances, let alone save, this year I began buying a gift card a week. Since August I accumulated gift vouchers for the shops I mostly use for my presents, such as Argos, Debenhams and Next. The idea of gift cards was that I wouldn’t be able to dip into the savings. Success! By December I had a healthy amount of savings and a lack of financial stress. However something I couldn’t bank in vouchers was time. With the momentous amounts of school activities, a hard-working husband and lack of baby sitters I was left desperately trying to find time to shop. Why didn’t I shop online you may ask? Oh how I tried.. I filled my online basket with carefully selected gifts, only to realise the gift cards I had purchased were for in-store use only.

Note to self: organise a shopping day with a babysitter. Check all details on back of the store cards.


Wrapping is not something I dislike. In fact, with a drop of Baileys over ice, some Christmas music playing, an evening wrapping sounds like a lovely festive night in. However my previous experience with present wrapping evenings has seen a whole series of unfortunate events unfold. Lack of cellotape has left me finding alternatives such as masking tape, duct tape or stickers from my little girl’s sticker book. Absence of wrapping paper has meant presents have been wrapped in bags, parcel paper, foil and homemade creations using A4 printer paper and felt tip pens.

Note to self: Buy the wrapping paper after buying presents so you can judge how much is needed. Also wrap at least a week before Christmas Eve to prevent the stress of having to find an open shop on Christmas Eve to replenish cellotape and wrapping paper.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is magical if you have completed all items on your Christmas “To Do” list. If you haven’t even had time to write your “To Do” list and are now staring into a desolate, abyss with time rapidly slipping through your fingers, it is not so magical. Christmas Eve saw another day of shopping with 3 children in tow. Having failed to organised my time effectively I had to cancel my hair appointment, booked for 8 that morning, a wonderful idea of pampering and self-care before Christmas. Instead I have dragged myself through Christmas with 3 inch roots, reeking of dry shampoo in a desperate bid to blend them into the blonde. After another exhausting shopping trip and all last-minute items bought, it was time to conjure up some Christmas magic with my 3 little darlings. Their merry faces beamed with excitement as we dressed them for bed, chattering away about the big day. Conversation turned to what we would leave out for Santa… Unfortunately in all 27 shopping trips, during the previous 3 days, I had forgotten mince pies, carrots and basically anything that could be justified for leaving out for Santa. Therefore this year Santa was left a bag of quavers (his favourite crisps) a bottle of Lucozade (not enough milk to share out between Santa and the baby’s bottle) and a stick of celery to share between the reindeer. My children looked doubtful that this was an adequate offering for Santa, but were pleasantly surprised when all items had seemingly been consumed the next day.

Note to self: Remember mince pies and carrots! Write a list and complete all before Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day

Christmas day was a great day, like most parents we were sleep deprived but the happiness and excitement was infectious. After the present opening we made our way back to London to stay with my family. Although we left 2 hours later than planned, I didn’t have to worry about my poor organisation much longer because as soon as I was with my parents they took over and looked after my little family and I, in what was a wonderful Christmas.

Note to self: Stay with parents every year.

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas. I have a second Christmas arriving, as my Irish in-laws fly over for New Year’s Eve celebrations. I have so many exciting ideas and opportunities coming up in the New Year and I thank all of you who have supported my blog since starting in August. If you are new to my blog please sign up via email for updates on my posts. I wish you all a wonderful 2019 and can’t wait to share more with you in the upcoming new year.


  1. This is such a lovely post, thank you for sharing. It seems like you had a great Christmas when all is said. Getting gift cards is such a good idea too, it would never work for me b/c I never know what I’m going to buy until I’m in the store 😂 I hope you have a great new year x

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