Nothing can get me back to London quicker than a promise of my mum’s roast dinner so here we were catching up with my family, smelling my mum’s amazing cooking, laughing at my dad’s latest escapade, with my nearest and dearest. The children play happily with my old toys, still in pristine condition from my childhood which always makes me question what on earth do my children do with their toys? The majority of theirs have lasted a maximum of 25 weeks let alone 25 years!

As ever in this day and age at social gatherings, two members of the family sit glued to their smart phones, every once in a while glancing up to share a picture or funny video and then return to their screens. Our attempts to bring them into the conversation and engage with them fall on deaf ears as they eagerly text and flick through their news feeds. The youth of today I hear you say! Although I’m not talking about teenagers or younger members of my family. These two nomophobiacs (the proposed name for those addicted to smart phones) are none other than my 80-year-old grandmothers.

Statistics show that by 2016 the percentage of the senior citizens aged 75 and over, using smart phones and tablets had almost doubled and now in 2018 this statistic is rising rapidly. With Facebook groups aimed at the “silver surfer” and other forums such as www.gransnet.com becoming increasingly popular among OAPs with Internet access I felt it only appropriate to compile a user guide for the newest generation of “social zombies.”

Key Characteristics of a Silver Surfer on Social Media Sites

To enable us to identify online OAPs I have found the following key characteristics helpful:

  • Profile pictures may include pictures of pets, blurred selfies or landscapes.
  • Excessive “liking” of their children’s and grandchildren’s photos dating from recent photos to the retro archives of 2008.
  • Comments are commonly signed off “With lots of love Nanny Mabel Grandad Joe and Jasper the dog”
  • Typical posts to be shared are those chain like posts “share for 200 years good health” “share with 5 friends for lifelong happiness”
  • Frustration at the lack of response from celebrity pages they have commented on. “I don’t like that Alexander Grande anymore she hasn’t even wrote back to me” (Ariana.. Nan..)

Social Media Platforms in a Nutshell

Facebook – A place to reunite with old friends and see each others photos. Somebody’s “status” tells you what they are up to or how they are feeling. You can also join online groups and share common interests.

Twitter – A place to share short status updates through what is known as “tweets.”

Instagram – People share photos they take on their phones and wait for the number of “likes” they get. The likes are little hearts you press if you like the photo.

Pininterest – Not a clue myself and I’m 30.

People to look out for on Facebook/Social Media

  • The Attention Seeker – Commonly updates their status with a short comment such as “Pissed off” or “Just at the hospital.” Thereby leaving the whole of Facebook in suspense as to what dramatic tribulation is unfolding in their lives this time and encouraging you to ask “What’s the matter hun?”
  • The Selfie Addict – A constant stream of photos of themselves pulling a face which looks slightly like a constipated duck.
  • The Troll – A slightly deranged type of human who purely goes on the Internet to criticise and demean others with cruel comments while sitting home alone, eating ready meals and wallowing in their own menial self worth.
  • The Jet Setters – Do they even have the rights to a British passport they are on holiday so much? Beautiful photos of sunsets over the Indian Ocean and white sandy beaches hit our newsfeeds while we carry out our mundane lives in the dreary November drizzle.
  • The Pervy Mervy Basically the guy with the flasher mac now has a computer to ask people for nude photos or send you photos. Grim.

Common Acronyms used on Social Media and Forums

LOL – not lots of laughs or lots of love. This mean laugh out loud when you find something amusing.

IDK – I don’t know.

FYI – For your information.

PMSL – Pissing myself laughing (tena lady moment)

OMG – Oh My God.

#nofilter – a filter is something people use to deem them more attractive in the form of a dog, reindeer etc.

Grandparenting Forums

DIL/SIL – daughter and son-in-law

DH, DGC, DGD, DGS – the D represents Dear or Darling. Therefore Dear Husband, Dear Grandchild, Dear Granddaughter and Dear Grandson.

AIBU – Am I Being Unreasonable?

Alternate Acronyms for the older generation

ROFLSH – Rolled onto Floor Laughing – Send Help

ATB – At the Bingo

BITD – Back in the Day

IMD – In my Day

WRW – Who Remembers When

JRME – Just Resting My Eyes

KT – Kids Today

EBS – Early Bird Special

The Age of the Silver Surfer

In my opinion I think having my elderly relatives online is great. It means I can share photos of the children and interact with them better as we live so far apart now. Also with so many elderly people housebound and isolated, especially in the winter months, it’s a great way for people to interact with the outside world and feel they are still involved with the community. So if your elderly neighbour or family member does have a new smart phone take the time to help them set it up and understand it, it may just be the lifeline they need.

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  1. The worrying questions for me is when do you become a silver surfer. Is it age dependent, determined by ability and know how, triggered when you have to push your glasses onto your forehead to read the screen or something else.

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  2. Haha this is brilliant! I only have one “elderly” person left in my family and she barely knows how to get bbc news up on her computer so I can’t say I’ve had to teach anyone! My best friends gran likes every single thing I post on Facebook, though… she’s adorable!
    Alice Xx

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  3. This post really made me chuckle πŸ˜‚ Well done to your grandparents being on smartphones though, my folks (59 and 62) haven’t got the foggiest, bless ’em πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ I’m with you, haven’t got a bloody clue how to work Pinterest! Goes right over my head that one. Had to laugh at the Facebook attention seeker bit, we all know one!

    “Can’t f###ing believe the cheek of some people!!”
    “You ok hun?”
    “I’ll PM you”

    Bore off πŸ€¬πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Great post!


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    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Thanks so much I know I’m just teaching my grandad a bit of WhatsApp lol! Oh don’t drives me mad or just the status check in “checked into bla bla hospital” πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Thanks for taking time to read and comment ❀️


  4. This made me smile a lot! My granny uses Facebook and is quite savvy but she does comment on public viral posts sometimes thinking that they are going to reply. Makes me laugh so much! Thanks for sharing and cheering up an otherwise boring Monday morning.
    Melis // http://www.melisliving.com

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  5. This was so funny! I have three grandparents left, all in their early to mid 70s and not one of them would have a cue what to do given a smartphone. One of my grandmothers has a tablet, she’s about mastered google but that’s it. I think it’s amazing that yours are so caught up x


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