Household Items I have Failed

Unfortunately I am genetically doomed in terms of organisation. I inherited this debilitating affliction from my dad’s side of the family as well as frizzy, untameable hair and the art of blagging (more to be revealed in an upcoming blog.) As I have mentioned in my previous post, Unorganised Parenting a Survival Guide, organisation is not a strength of mine. My mother, however is the polar opposite of my father. Her cupboards are always well stocked and organised. Never has my mum had to dash to the shop for milk or toilet roll on a “non shopping” day. She books and schedules social arrangements in advance and runs her home with outstanding order bordering regimentation. All my life I have aspired to be her and yet alas it is not meant to be.

Nevertheless I have made countless attempts to try to help myself, in any way possible, to become more organised. Below are a list of gadgets and household products designed to encourage and facilitate organisation which have failed me on my quest for orderliness.

Key and Letter Holder

Purpose: A handy place to hang keys and place letters as you arrive or leave through the front door.

Reason for Failure: If I was to capture a picture of myself walking through the door it would be of a harassed, tornado of a human usually carrying a child under each arm, book bags, coats, an odd shoe and a bag of shopping whilst trying to block the door before my mental dog escapes. As a result, at some point in this entrance calamity, my keys are either placed in a bag/shoe or kicked under the sofa along with any letters on the mat awaiting my frantic search for them the next morning.

Electric Key Finder

Purpose: To alert you to your lost keys. My mum actually bought me this little device. You attach a small fob type alarm to your key ring and then when you can’t find your keys you press the remote and it sounds the alarm.

Reason for Failure: I lost the remote control within a week.

Laundry Basket

Purpose: To keep dirty items in before transferring to the washing machine or to collect clean washing in from the tumble dryer ready to be hung back into the wardrobe.

Reason for Failure: I have every intention of taking that basket upstairs and replenishing my family’s wardrobes with their clothing. However as always a stinking nappy, escaped dog or mini war will ensue in my journey upstairs and the laundry basket will be placed momentarily on the vacant arm chair. Sadly this is the start of what my husband and I have named “Sift Mountain.” As the week progresses my chair soon piles higher and higher with more fresh washing. It ultimately reaches an impressive height meaning the majority of our clothing is encompassed in “Sift Mountain” which is where the name came about as I “sift” through the mountain for socks and other items. I have also created a catchy little jingle whilst sifting, which my husband despises, to accompany the sifting process.

Bathroom Tidy

Purpose: To keep all children’s bath toys tidy and in one place.

Reason for Failure: My children are like a band of small, smuggling pirates. Cunningly they have slowly sneaked masses of toys into the bathroom for bath time play. So much so that the bathroom tidy is no more. Therefore I bath under the judging eyes of 15 Barbie’s and half the cast of Toy Story.

Welsh Dresser

Purpose: Around a year ago I had my kitchen made over. To compliment the shabby chic style I bought a second-hand Welsh dresser top, which I was and am still in love with. My husband upcycled it and we mounted it on the wall. It would home all of my plates and bowls and my cups would hang underneath thus leaving me with more room in my overcrowded cupboards. Or at least that was the idea.

Reason for failure: I never got round to transferring the plates from the cupboard to the dresser and so as time went by the dresser has become home to a random assortment of objects such as my husband’s tools, books and unopened letters.

So there is just some of the examples of the ugly truth of my organisation skills. Have you ever bought an item that has failed you or you failed it? I would love to know your organisation tips and perhaps one day I will finally grasped a little bit of orderliness in my chaotic home.


  1. This is a light-hearted comment from me…………………..when I moved in with my now wife, she was somewhat messy……….she still is !

    Although in fairness, she used to moan about the piles of paperwork that I had in my house. Maybe both of us have never got much better.

    We are just so tired ! Well that’s our excuse.

    We all have so much stuff, clutter, junk.

    I’ve got absolutely loads of CD’s and I still buy them, isn’t that pointless now ?! Same with books ?! We’ve got loads of board games we’ve never really played either.

    A very interesting and thought provoking article. To be honest if you go to any recycle/rubbish centre and see what gets binned……that alone is sobering !

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    1. Haha thanks so much I know I’m terrible with clutter. Everytime I go back to my mums I take some of my old CDs god knows why as I have an alexa who can play me every song imaginable!!! Thanks so much for reading and commenting ❀️


  2. This is so me, the amount of stuff and boxes I buy to get organized but then those just add to the clutter. Oh well we can’t all be perfect, I have other talents 😘😘

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  3. I loved this post! I love your writing and this is was super funny and hilarious to read hahaha
    From what I understand you need to keep yourself one morning/day (only you and your husband) where you could tidy up the house and declutter without having school, kids, work, etc stressing you out and coming in the way πŸ˜…
    The motivation and the intention are there, you just need to make time for it on one day. It will be then easier to keep it tidy I presume 😊 You can do it!!

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  4. I love this post. It was really funny to read and I was imaging myself in a lot of these situations too and it certainly made me smile. I’ve done a few of these things in the past like the washing basket so I felt I could relate to this post. Maybe some of them will work out for you over time 😊

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  5. This makes me feel much better because I am the same! Had a good old giggle to myself because losing the key remote is the most ironically brilliant thing ever! I try to be organised but it never works!

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