Real Mums Weaning Real Babies!

Do you struggle with weaning? As a mother of 3 I have always felt weaning is one of the hardest milestones to overcome.

At my first child, Alice’s, one year check up the health visitor asked me about her meals and was horrified when I said I was still feeding her pureed food! I was just so terrified she would choke. This stage from 6 months to around 2 years is always nerve wracking and tricky. So many questions; Am I feeding enough? Are they eating enough healthy foods? Is there diet balanced and varied? I always tried my best to make my children’s food from scratch. It made me feel a lot more in control to know exactly what I was putting in their little bodies. However if I was out and stuck for food or late home, a supermarket pouch or jar would more than suffice. Far too much pressure is put on new mothers. In my opinion go with what is best for you and your children. I used to fret so much that I wasn’t feeding Alice and Louie the right food or wasn’t doing enough creative crafts or baking with them etc. I would look at other mum’s photos on Instagram and see idyllic dinner time scenes with courgettes cut into sculptures of swans, craft making sessions mirroring Picasso and Michelin star cupcakes made in sparkling clean kitchens and I would feel inferior, as if I wasn’t coping. The truth… a false illusion and those parents are probably struggling just as much as you or I. The photo picturing the courgette swans was most probably mashed to a pulp within seconds by chubby toddler fingers, thrown on the floor and then out came the tray of turkey drummers.

My youngest is now 18 months and is generally a good eater but as always I worry about the amount of fruit and vegetables he consumes. I recently found these Baby Led Spreads and can not recommend them enough! The 6 I received were;

  • Green Pea, rocket and dill
  • Red lentil and sweet potato
  • Spicy pumpkin and chickpea
  • Ricotta and bean
  • Avocado. red pepper and tomato
  • Carrot, apple and hummus

All ingredients are stated clearly on the packaging with no artificial colours, flavouring or preservatives. There was a handy recipe card in the box with 3 great ideas on how to use my spreads.

Liam is a big pasta lover so I used the red lentil and sweet potato spread mixed with a little water, tomato puree and fusilli to make a tasty pasta dish for him. Louie, who usually only eats “beige” food, tried some and loved it much to my surprise!

As suggested on the recipe card, I made Liam and Alice a toasted sandwich filled with the ricotta and bean spread. Alice said it was delicious and Liam polished it off in no time! Other meals we tried were a mince based dish with the avocado, red pepper and tomato spread, cod with the green pea, rocket and dill, cous-cous with the spicy pumpkin and chickpea and a vegetable stick snack plate with the carrot, apple and hummus. All were well received and not one dish was refused. Winner!

The spreads smell and look great. There is nothing worse than serving your child up something which resembles vomit. I tried each pot myself and they were unbelievably tasty, unlike some of the bland jars available in supermarkets. I was extremely impressed that all 3 of my children enjoyed certain varieties.

Even though Liam has been successfully weaned I would definitely recommend these for younger babies. They are versatile and easy to cook with and introduce some great combinations of flavours. My next meal is definitely going to be the pizzas using the red pepper and tomato spread as a base, I know my 3 will love creating their own!

Please check out the Baby Led Spreads website and social media platforms and give them a try! Let me know of any new recipes you have created with them so I can trial them on Liam also! Best of luck to all of you embarking on the weaning road!

*The photos on this post are of the meals we created in a spotless, gleaming kitchen, with freshly grown, organic produce from my garden nurtured by my own fair hands, served on handcrafted plates designed and created by my children at a local pottery group. (Just kidding! The kitchen is a ruin and the rest is from Tesco!)

Click here for the Baby Led Spreads website!


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