5 Things to do at Wicken Fen

Last year, to confirm my country bumpkin status, I signed up for a National Trust membership. Great pride was felt as I attached my little National Trust sticker to my windscreen. I didn’t realise there was so many on my door step and have began spending time enjoying these amazing places. I was under the impression they were just fields and forests and never imagined how much we would enjoy our family days there.

Wicken Fen is the closest to us so I have visited quite a few times, come rain or shine. I find these places are so vast that no areas are overly busy which is perfect for us with Louie as crowded places make him anxious. Here are the top activities we enjoy at Wicken Fen:

Dog Walking

Bertie loves roaming around Wicken Fen and it is a great place for dog walkers and our furry friends to explore!

Den Building

Some of the wooded areas are exclusively for families to build their own dens. This is something Louie and Alice love doing at home with tables and blankets and any other objects they may find. Therefore den building in the woods was something they were so excited about. Once the den was strategically constructed my husband and I took some time out to relax while Alice and Louie busied themselves playing “house” and “repairing” the den. Great family fun!

Butterfly Trail πŸ¦‹

There are various trails in the reserve. We followed the butterfly trail and the children enjoyed stopping at each information board to try and search and identify the various butterfly species.

Mucky Pups

On certain dates throughout term and holiday times the organisers hold activities for children for a small charge. Mucky Pups is for the under 5s with crafts and lots more. There is also pond dipping, geocaching and den building for older children. We have tried to take part in a couple of these but sadly had to leave early due to it being too much for Louie.

The Christmas grotto and trail was something just Louie and I did together while Alice was at school. He coped well with the trail as it was just us adventuring looking for reindeers. Then we were able to visit Santa in his grotto which was truly magical. Louie was not a big fan of Santa however the staff were amazing and helped him feel as comfortable as possible.

Cycling, short and long walks

There are many cycle routes and walks both long and short through the reserve. My husband and I did take the bikes once, however it torrentially rained so we turned back swiftly! The walks are lovely especially one through a meadow as pictured.

There is so much to do at Wicken which I am yet to do but looking forward to having some more great days out here. I think days at Wicken illustrate that children do not always need technology, toys or even a park facility to enjoy the great outdoors. My children have never complained once on our days here and have used their imaginations to facilitate their own learning and enjoyment.

So much more to do check out their website for all details.



  1. you know, this is pretty weird but you are taking me back 50 years with this post. As a kid my dad was a mad keen butterfly and moth man; we bred them, chased them and, dare I say it back in the 60s and 70s caught and set them. The one he always wanted to see what the largest British butterfly that only breeds at Wicken, the Swallowtail. He and my brother went there when I was at Uni in the late 1970s. Sadly they never saw it. When i worked in London in the 1990s I did several jobs with a surveyor called John Olney. After one deal we got talking as you do and it turned out his dad had been the warden at Wicken! Small world, huh!? One day i shall have to go as a homage to my dad… sounds like your three kids (I include hubby!) had a great time

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow what strange coincidences! Definitely a small world!! I am actually terrified of moths and butterflies a random one I know but have learnt to put a brave face on it for the children! Thanks for taking the time to read my posts really interesting to hear our lives seem to have similar aspects along the way 😁

      Liked by 1 person

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