Rainbow dog poop

Some might say my spontaneity is one of my biggest flaws. I never think things through and have rushed into absolutely everything in my life. However the majority of my decisions usually work out pretty well.

For example on a night out in London Liverpool Street I decided to wander off from my group of friends to have a drink in a pub I liked. As I walked in alone with not a care in the world a ridiculously handsome man invited me to have a drink with him. The Irish accent got me immediately. He told me he was going to marry me and I believed him. I rang my cousin and told her I’d found the man I would marry. She sighed exasperated. One year on from that exact day we ran away to Gretna Green and married! And so here we are!20160621_174414

Six weeks into country life adventure came one of my husband and I’s latest impulsive decisions. It was my husband who convinced me it was a great idea. “Everyone in the country owned dogs” I started to develop romanticised images of me strolling through green fields with my trusty companion, teaching him tricks and taking him on family holidays where we would all jump waves on the beach. I agreed and my husband brought home a beautiful puppy who he said was a cross between a Pug and a Jack Russell. I have never claimed to know a lot about dogs, having always been a cat person, but there was definitely some kind of mix up with the dogs parentage.  I loved him all the same, no matter the genes and we called him Bert.

The first night he slept in our bed and then after some research I bought a crate. The crate still sits in my shed immaculate after never ever been used. So therefore the sleepless nights began, not with any of my children, but with this furry new family member.

Puppy pad training was hard work but we achieved it relatively quickly. Teething however was horrendous. Bert chewed his way through my whole home like a baby lion. I have picked up the most colourful poops laced with Shopkins and Lego pieces.

Remains of my sofa…

Bert is the most hyperactive dog you will ever meet. He never tires no matter how long or far he is walked. I have sat and watched countless YouTube videos on dog training and how to mentally tire him. Again no joy so now we have just come to accept that we have a slightly bonkers dog.

Although our plan was not thought out and raising a puppy has been eye opening to say the least, I would never be without our dog now. The romantisiced images never really paid off. We took him on holiday once, he ate a lot of sand and shells and pooed all over the beach. Bert never strolls, but pulls from side to side, manically! However he does “sit”and “high five”on command!

Bert is a gentle soul and has always been so loving and cautious around the children and our cat. He has definitely taught our children the responsibilities that come with a pet and they all help care for him.

If anybody has any idea who the biological parents of our dog are let me know your thoughts. Our theory is King Charles Spaniel x Springer x Jack Russell. Am interested to know what you think! Thank for reading!


  1. Love the story of how ya’ll met. I can’t believe you ran off to Gertna Green to get married, just like in the days of old.

    We have always had Labradors an then one time we got a Jack Russel. I can tell you what a total difference. Like you said never a dull moment. He was just so full of energy. He was a rescue and we did end up having to find him a new home because he didn’t do well with the grandkids. I am back with my lab mix again. They are so good with kids and I do love big dogs. Alice my 104 lbs or should I say 7.5 stones is such a chicken. She is so funny. She is getting older now but she loves to hike and camp. She is my best friend next to my husband.

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    1. Ah they sound lovely! My next door neighbour has an old rescue dog she is the kindest gentlest creature and so good with my children! Wow 7.5 stones!!! Gretna was beautiful but so cold from what I remember we thought we would marry there as is right in the middle more or less travel wise from husbands village in Ireland and my town in London! Was a magical day 😁💖


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