cropped-94fb1748-6645-4135-8be8-00ca7d9f5d871.jpegApril 6th 2016

So here I am with all my worldly possessions precariously crammed into the back of a Luton. My husband, his crazy uncle and my father sigh a huge sigh of relief as we finally pull down the hatch.

I have lived in the East End of London for 30 years at this point. With 3 children in tow I made the decision that London wasn’t the place for my children to grow up. So with a sadness in my heart but excitement for our new beginning I say goodbye to my beloved city.

My father, Hoxton born and bred, and I follow the van out of the depths of London and onto a 2 and half hour journey into Country life. Our easy chatter and laughter becomes stilted as we come off the motorway and into the miles and miles of flat lying fields and farms and the true immensity of my move becomes apparent. I am no longer “just round the corner.” There are no shops walking distance, I’ve never seen so many tractors and the scenery is breathtaking, in a non London skyline kind of way. Can I do this? I look at my children’s sleeping faces in the back and know this is all for them.

Of course I’ve viewed my new home and started to acquaint myself to the surrounding area on family day trips over the past months. I’ve described it to anyone who will listen as “like being on holiday.” Except now this is my life and not a holiday and I am excited and apprehensive with my new beginning.

Here is my journey from Cockney to country life. What I have learnt so far, challenges faced and my chaotic family life with an Irishman, 3 children, completely bonkers dog and fat, ginger cat. Let the story begin!


  1. This sounds a lot like my own journey, though not from the East End, as I was originally from Bermondsey. After seven years, it no longer feels like a holiday, but it did at first. You don’t say where in the country you are, but here in Norfolk, I had to adjust to little or non-existent public transport, no shops within walking distance, and the closure of the convenient Post Office.
    But I was in London for 60 years, and I never want to go back.
    Thanks for following my blog. You may well find many shared experiences.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. We’re out of London since retirement – it’s easier then – no commuting. My Husband loves it here (Cambridgeshire Fens, in the middle of fields. No police sirens (well… not many) and no traffic jams when we want to travel.
    But without a car, we’d be stranded – one bus per hour and it doesn’t go anywhere we want to go. One local cab firm who works when he likes and those who come further charge what they like.
    We lived in the Eastern suburbs. My eldest son never wanted to leave London – even for University. He lives with his partner and two sons in Bethnal Green and is looking to upgrade in the same area (which limits his options, size-wise). But he cycles to work – his partner walks. They only use their car at weekends and holidays (and to visit us).
    Sometimes you love what know. Sometimes it’s what you know that drives you out.

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  3. We left city life for the countryside 26 years ago and shile we had to adjust, now we couldn’t bear to go back again. Great blog post.

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  4. What an adventure ..we retired to Thailand from the UK and 7 yrs on we don’t have any regrets I always say I have gone back to my roots as I grew up on a farm and then my parents moved to a town …I am now living in a rural area so full circle and loving it …I miss some things but not enough to go back …Thank you for the follow πŸ™‚

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      1. Not yet as all the family come over here…although I can’t say I blame them it is so much nicer but I do plan to go back at the beginning of next year just for a couple weeks I don’t like being cold πŸ™‚


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